10 Things Only Entrepreneurs Will Understand

You’re doing something amazing…

Your friends don’t understand. Your mother can’t grasp it. Your pet canary isn’t worth confiding in.

You don’t have to feel lonely anymore.

Einstein’s here, and we get you.

We hope these 10 entrepreneurial nuggets brighten your day:

1. You’re Always Thinking About Work

From the moment you wake up to those last seconds at night, work is on your mind. You’re forever checking your phone for social media updates, the latest business metrics and work emails.

No matter how hard you try, you CAN’T STOP thinking about it.

2. You Can’t Put Anything Off

You’re a doer, just like Einstein. No matter how silly the idea, you have to TEST it, because you never know where the next big BREAKTHROUGH will come from.

Success doesn’t happen for procrastinators. You want it, so you go get it.

3. You Aren’t Afraid of the Word NO

Entrepreneurs are fearless beasts.

Trying, and trying, pays off. Sometimes you have to hear NO 100 times, just for that one YES, but the YES is worth all that rejection.

You don’t mind losing, because losing doesn’t happen unless you’re competing. And what’s worse than not competing?


4. Nothing Ever Happens Fast Enough

You’re patient, but only because it’s been trained into you.

That doesn’t stop the constant fidgets when the suppliers are running 5 minutes late, or if you’re waiting an hour for a reply to that REALLY IMPORTANT email.

What others consider really quick, feels like a snail’s pace.

5. You Understand Risk/Reward

If you didn’t take the plunge, you wouldn’t be where you are NOW.

That principle applies for every GROWTH period of your business.

Sure, sometimes you lose, but trying to grow and improve your business is an ever-present goal.

You understand that investing in business development, marketing and social media ads make a return.

6. You’re in it for the Long Term

You know that SHORTCUTS DON’T WORK. Working hard and smart is where success comes from.

Every action you take is made with your brand and long-term goals in mind. You look after your customers like they’re family, because referrals cost nothing and you know the effect a negative review can have.

7. There’s No Such Thing as a Day Off

While your friends are holidaying, eating Sunday Lunch with the family, or watching a sports game on a Saturday, you’re working.

It doesn’t bother you, because working those extra days will PAY OFF.

Even when your family finally convince you to take a day off, the phone rings with something massive, and you can’t ignore it.

8. Everything Seems Like an Opportunity

You can’t go to the corner-shop without spotting a business OPPORTUNITY.

Your constant spouting of business ideas was fun to start with, but now your friends and family have grown tired of hearing it, and you tend to keep the CRAZIEST ones to yourself.

9. Persistence is Everything

Nothing ever moved forward without your RELENTLESS effort.

Your business would be nothing without your hard-work, but you know it’s worth it, because one day you’ll be sitting on the beach, sipping a pinacolada and the money will be rolling in.

If you stop trying, your business stops functioning.

10.You’re Doing Something Amazing

You’re doing something that helps people, and you know it.

Your product enriches the world, solves problems and adds to peoples’ lives.

There’s an unwavering belief within you, that every entrepreneurial step you take is for a reason.

And it is…

…because nothing ever happened without belief.

A Little Extra

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Originally published at www.einsteinmarketer.com on February 6, 2018.

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎