8 Facebook Ad Examples To Inspire Your Campaigns

Josh Barney
8 min readOct 12, 2020
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Just as every artist looks to former greats for inspiration and every budding musician picks up an instrument to learn their favourite songs, Facebook advertisers can look to others for inspiration and direction.

I’ve trawled through newsfeeds (for hours) and picked out some of the most eye-catching, results focussed and targeted Facebook ad examples to inform and inspire your marketing campaigns.

There were originally 12, but I’ve narrowed the results to 8 Facebook ad examples that reveal the most valuable lessons for advertisers.

Let’s get into our top Facebook ad examples, discover what you can learn and analyse the best features of each social media ad…

Adobe Photoshop

Facebook ad Creative: Video

The first of our Facebook ad examples is this video ad from Adobe for their design software, Photoshop.

Adobe are a well-known brand, and their product has the benefit of being the leader in its space — this is represented by their simple one line of ad copy and ad headline that reads ‘Adobe Photoshop’.

The reason that I selected this Facebook ad example is for the ad creative.

The video for this product perfectly targets a very specific market.

Whilst demonstrating how Photoshop works, this Adobe video ad is saturated with young, creative looking people who would be deemed as relatable and aspirational to Adobe’s obvious target audience.

In addition to this, the journey of the ad demonstrates the possibilities and features of Photoshop as a computer mouse scans around the screen making visual edits.

Google Ads

Facebook Ad Creative: Single Image

Similarly to Adobe, Google are massive and their advertising platform is one of the biggest in the world.



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