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If you’re involved in digital, worked with content marketing or had a hand in a social media campaign, you’ve probably come across the term ‘evergreen content’.

In this article, I’ll be working through the what, why and how of evergreen content so you’re fully prepared to integrate it into your digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s start with a definition:

The Definition of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is non-time sensitive content that stays relevant and continues to provide results towards your digital aims.

For example, a guide about losing weight would be considered evergreen content, as would how to do long algebraic division.

These are both topics…

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Just as every artist looks to former greats for inspiration and every budding musician picks up an instrument to learn their favourite songs, Facebook advertisers can look to others for inspiration and direction.

I’ve trawled through newsfeeds (for hours) and picked out some of the most eye-catching, results focussed and targeted Facebook ad examples to inform and inspire your marketing campaigns.

There were originally 12, but I’ve narrowed the results to 8 Facebook ad examples that reveal the most valuable lessons for advertisers.

Let’s get into our top Facebook ad examples, discover what you can learn and analyse the best…

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What is content marketing?

^If this is a question that you’re asking yourself, stick around for the next few minutes^

Some marketing terms come and go, others disappear as quickly as they’re uttered, but what about content marketing?

Is it just another flash in the pan? Is it a necessity or a fad?

And what does ‘content marketing’ mean?

You may have heard the words dashed around by modern marketers, but do you actually know what it content marketing is?

Content Marketing: Necessity or Fad?

Traditional marketing is a combination of advertising, strategy and pinpointed campaigns — and whilst these are all still important elements…

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Earlier this year (May 28th) Google announced that they’ll be rolling out a major addition to their search algorithm ranking signals.

The update, known as the ‘page experience update’ will come into effect for Google in 2021 — and it could have a big impact on the search results of all websites.

If your strategy is built around SEO, you’re heavily dependent on search traffic or you’re aiming to up your organic traffic in the coming years — stick around, this article will explain everything about this Google update in layman’s terms.

Leave your long word expectations at the door…

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If you’re involved in a startup, the founder of your own business or a solo-prenuer, you’ll understand how wide the choice of startup marketing strategies are…

…and to make things more confusing, most of these tools, channels and tactics label themselves as ‘ MARKETING MUST-HAVES ‘.

Throw this disorientating number of options in with a small startup marketing budget (that every business must scale when they’re starting out), and it’s likely that most of you are in a tough spot.

That’s why I’ve created this startup marketing guide. …

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^This question can divide rooms of digital marketers (pretty quickly)^

I’m sure that some of the readers of this post will already feel strongly about the answer, one way or another.

I’m going to (try to) remain as impartial as possible, as I look at this question from all perspectives, uncover each side’s perspectives and try to find a reasonable resolution.


As more businesses move online, it’s important that their owners are equipped with enough information to make an informed decision about their digital strategy — particularly how they budget their marketing spend.

Some business do nothing except run…

marketing psychology behaviour
marketing psychology behaviour
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Marketing psychology is the reason that you bought that thing that you didn’t need.

It’s the reason that you spend much more on items that you could buy for half the price elsewhere.

Marketing psychology is the reason that brands can add enormous margins and still sell their products like hot cakes.

Anybody involved in marketing, advertising or business needs to know the psychological difference that can be made by tiny, often unnoticeable, triggers.

Imagine if you were able to increase your subscribe rate, just by adjusting your button, wording or colour.

Imagine if you were able to ramp up…

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I’ve shared a lot of tactics about setting up and optimising the performance of your Facebook ads.

From installing the pixel to building targeted audiences, creating awesome ad copy and explaining every single Facebook ad campaign objective in depth, we’ve been through a lot together.

But despite all this, I’ve never explained what you should do when everything goes your way.

If you’ve hit upon an ad formula that’s providing you with the results you’ve been aiming for, you’re going to want to scale it up.

In this guide I’m going to keep things as simple as possible (as usual)…

So your business needs a blog? And you think you’re the person to write it?

If you’ve written essays, studied English language or been through enough books to stock a library, you might think that you’re well equipped to create a (fairly decent) blog.

I’ve got news for you…it’s not as easy it sounds!

Writing for the internet is a completely different ball game to writing in general (particularly how it’s taught in school).

In the remainder of this blog, I’m going to share some of my most valuable tips for writing for the internet.

The Modern Blog Reader

I could talk about writing…

No matter how long you spend writing guides or pouring your heart into blogs, you have to accept that a lot of visitors will simply flick over your article, filtering their experience down to the most relevant information to them.

Regular sub-heads are one of the best ways to re-engage skim readers.

They stand out from the text, give your internet writing a structure and make things very digestible for visitors.

Every sub-head is an opportunity to boost your behavioural metrics and build stronger relationships with your prospects.

Similarly, to the points made about sub-headings (above), visuals allow you to…

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