Cold Traffic: Drive New Visitors To Your Website

Businesses are living, breathing animals.

They need feeding, watering and maintenance. But more than anything, they need OXYGEN.

That’s exactly what COLD TRAFFIC is, the air every business needs.

New businesses rely 100% on driving new traffic to their website, whilst existing ones, no matter how large, need to constantly generate new customers in order to GROW.

If you’ve recently started up a new company, own a business that isn’t making any progress, or manage an existing business that will not grow, then stay tuned, because Einstein’s going to show you exactly how to fix those problems.

But first, let’s take a look at the….


Nothing relates better than an Einstein example, here’s another:

Lean into your chair, roll your eyes to the heavens and imagine you’ve just started up a HEALTHY FOOD business.

You’ve got a wealth of knowledge in the industry, an incredible product and offer amazing value to your customer.

Remember, 100% of your traffic is going to be cold. So, how are you going to drive it to your site?

Create a discounted offer? Promote your full range of products? Advertise the product you think will sell the best?


In any campaign it is CRUCIAL, FUNDAMENTAL, MASSIVE, ENORMOUS that you understand your RELATIONSHIP with the TRAFFIC.

And with cold traffic, you are NOT at a suitable stage in your RELATIONSHIP to offer your PRODUCT/SERVICE.


Offering a product to a prospect that doesn’t know your brand is like picking up the telephone directory, dialling every number and saying, “Hello, will you buy my healthy food products?”

Sure, you might make a sale or two, but imagine the time, effort and money you’re going to waste.

A cold traffic campaign should be more like this, “Hello, my name is Einstein and I’m really passionate about healthy food.”

That’s it. No sale.

EINSTEIN MOMENT -A cold traffic campaign must INTRODUCE your BRAND to your TARGET MARKET, create AWARENESS, ESTABLISH TRUST and POSITION yourself as an EXPERT in the industry.

Take a moment to consider television adverts, how many of them make an offer, and how many are just brands building awareness, establishing trust and positioning themselves as experts.

Our cold traffic campaign should be no different.



-Introduction of BRAND to PROSPECT- create brand awareness, establish trust and position ourselves as an expert

-Pixel placement- use a pixel we’ve put on our page from Ad sources like FACEBOOK, ADWORDS or YOUTUBE, to find out more about our audiences’ INTERESTS and PAIN POINTS. This will help us to optimise our warm traffic and future cold traffic campaigns. Don’t understand? Find out more HERE.

-Segmentation- Separate your cold traffic by what AD brought them to your website and what ACTIONS they took afterwards. We can use this information to make more SPECIFIC offers in the future.E.g. cold traffic arrives at our site, consumes content and visits a product before exiting. We segment them by the SPECIFIC product they viewed.

EINSTEIN MOMENT- Ad management software like FACEBOOK can be set up to automatically segment your audience.


Just because we used the word OFFER, it doesn’t mean money is involved.

The digital marketing world is so competitive, that we must give the prospect something they can consume for FREE.

When it comes to COLD TRAFFIC, our free offer should come in the form of CONTENT. This CONTENT will act as our INTRODUCTION and draw traffic to our website.


It MUST do one of two things:

  1. Solve a specific problem for a specific audience
  2. Provide interesting, valuable information

Let’s take you back to Einstein’s Healthy Food Business.

We’d create multiple cold traffic content types to suit both of those rules. This would allow us to segment our audience by what they’re interested in.

Our content might look something like this:

  1. Solve a specific problem for a specific audience- Blog post: 5 HEALTHY FOODS that Guarantee to Lower Cholesterol
  2. Provide interesting, valuable information- Image/Infographic- The Nutritional Values Your Body Needs Every day, and How Much a Cheeseburger Contains

Can you see how those content types might INTERRUPT traffic from regular browsing, and introduce them to our brand? Establish trust? Position ourselves as an expert in the healthy food industry?





-Social Media Updates


These are just a few examples of strategies to get COLD TRAFFIC to your site.

The best campaigns will use several offer types. This broadens the net of potential customers and reaches a larger audience.


Focus on goals, create valuable content and present it in easily consumed form.

Consider your relationship with the COLD TRAFFIC. Would you give £50 to somebody you’ve just met on the street? Or a friend you’ve known for years?

Use your cold traffic campaigns to create audiences, develop an understanding of your prospective customers and build relationships.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, or would like more help visit our TOP OF FUNNEL GUIDE, SEND US A MESSAGE, or VISIT OUR BLOG for more in depth digital marketing help.

Originally published at on January 29, 2018.



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