Design Pickle: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

The top digital marketers, entrepreneurs and business managers are all using it.

Einstein uses it.

Your competitors are using it.

So, how can you optimise your DesignPickle service, to get ahead of others with the same membership?

With Einstein Marketers CHEAT SHEET, that’s how.

Today, we’re going to open your eyes to a GOLD MINE of DesignPickle hacks that will improve your business’ social engagement, brand awareness and conversions. Not to mention getting £20k’s worth of visual content, from a service only asking for £268(based on USD/GBP conversion rate 01/18).

We’ll even show you how we made this AWESOME INFOGRAPHIC in just ten minutes of work.

But first, we’re going to hit you up with a design request page.


There are a whole host of options to choose from when making a request.

If you’re like us, you won’t use them all every time. In fact, when we need a blog feature image or an adjustment to one of our ads, we only fill out one.

But, when should we use the other boxes? And how can we get the most from them?

Target Audience

This one only takes a second. Simply tell your designer where the image will be placed and they’ll OPTIMISE it for that platform.

They often come back to us with a range of designs to choose from. Some of them fit our brief and others are influenced by their VAST DESIGN EXPERIENCE.

We Love Inspiration

Einstein has figured out a really neat way to optimise this description tool.

Simply go to buzzsumo, search for the keyword you’ll be using in your post, find the most SHARED content on that subject, check out the feature image and send the URL to DesignPickle as inspiration.

We don’t always have to be creative as marketers. If it works in your industry, it will almost definitely work again.

What are you NOT looking for?

This is a handy tool that is often overlooked.

If there’s something that didn’t work in a previous design, let them know.

Sometimes our images are constricted by certain rules (we’ll explain more on this later). We must tell our designer to save revisions and decrease lag time.

Upload Assets

Einstein uses this tool in every request because we want our LOGO ON EVERYTHING they create!

Our DesignPickle images and infographics get tons of shares on social media. We want new audiences to see our branding all the time!

Even if they look at our image for a second, there’s a good chance they’ll recognise it. That builds trust, consistency and ultimately traffic to our site.

As a rule of thumb, we need our designs to convey the message (from our content or ad), stand out and stick to our core brand values.

If you don’t understand how those three elements combine, take a look at our BLOG and scroll through the feature images.


These things get shared like crazy. If you’ve got a catchy title and a killer message, get your idea over to Design Pickle.

Remember a little earlier, when we told you about our INFOGRAPHIC?

To get that massively shared piece of content we simply searched for content marketing stats on Google, copied and pasted the most eye-catching into our Design Pickle request box, and asked them to make an infographic from it.

If you haven’t looked at it yet, then do it NOW.

This incredible DESIGN HACK gained us tons of shares, built brand awareness, drove traffic and positioned us as an expert.

If you use this Hack, please link the source of your statistics.

Facebook Ads:

Got a product, piece of content or a socially engaging post that you’d like to promote?

Optimise your Design Pickle image to be eye catching, on brand and most importantly, compliant of FACEBOOK AD RULES.

Facebook has a rule that all ads must be less than 20% text in order to be approved. Tell your designer that you need the image to be FACEBOOK AD FRIENDLY, or write ‘Text more than 20% of image’ in the ‘What you are NOT looking for?’ box.


Is your logo working? Does it convey your brand values? And have you got ALTERNATIVES for different platforms?

All brand logos have a RECURRING THEME that customers recognise. But, almost all businesses use a range of logos for different locations.

We’re talking different colours, shapes, sizes and inclusions of brand name.

Send your logo to DesignPickle and request a logo image including your brand name, or ask for different colours, or shapes. The alterations are limitless, just remember to keep that one CORE ELEMENT the same.


Receive shares galore after two minutes of work, with a well-designed quote post on social media.

Find an expert in your industry, search for a quote, send it to Design Pickle and BANG, your social media engagement will head for the stars.


Real life examples prove content messages, products and service results. They authenticate goals and build trust, but sometimes screenshots can include personal information that we don’t want available to the public.

Simply send your screenshot to DesignPickle and ask them to block out the sensitive data. You’ll have the image back in no time.

Design Pickle Summary

Einstein never holds anything back. If it’s juicy and we’ve proven it works, we’ll share it.

Design Pickle is a service we’ve used to grow Einstein Marketer faster than anyone could’ve imagined.

Work that should’ve taken HOURS to create and THOUSANDS to pay for, has been completed in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Hungry for more information about DesignPickle? Read How to Get Great Designs and Put £20k of Marketing Spend Back in Your Pocket, or head over to their website.

If you’ve got any DesignPickle hacks, feel like we’ve missed something or simply love the content, please leave us a comment in the box below.

Originally published at on January 24, 2018.



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