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Everyone has to start somewhere…

Don’t worry, EinsteinMarketer will keep it simple.

Let’s get the ball rolling with a tasty, bitesize definition courtesy of yours truly:

‘Digital Marketing is the promotion of products/services using digital platforms.’

At this point you might be thinking, how can I get started? What are the first steps? What strategies do I need to adopt?

Einstein will get to that in just a few moments, but first, let’s take a peek at the most effective digital marketing activities.

Digital Marketing Activities

–Content Marketing

-Social Media Marketing

–Email Marketing

-Paid Traffic

–Funnel Optimisation

-Search Engine Optimisation

Yeah, we know they don’t sound very exciting, but give them a chance. A huge increase in leads and sales might swing your opinion.

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of one or all of the above activities, and you’re keen to drill into the mechanics of them.

Slow down for a second.

If you want an information overload, hit up another digital marketing blog post.

For the rest of us, let’s consider where we want our digital marketing strategy to take us, and we’ll learn what those activities are and where we should use them, with real life examples.


Awareness is the cornerstone of digital marketing. For anybody starting out, ask yourself if your potential customers know:

-Who you are?

-What products you offer?

-Where to find you (online)?

If your head is shaking at one or all of those questions, you need to work on your AWARENESS with a digital marketing campaign.

EinsteinMarketer might advise a beginner to try a combination of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategies.

In layman’s terms, create some relevant blogs, videos and useful images around your business/products (content marketing), then log onto your social media channels and promote them (social media marketing).

We bet you’re pleased you stayed with us now.

Elsewhere, you might have had to read something like: Propagate the rudimentary rungs of your efficacious Content Marketing strategy with several sentient entries into your online journal.

Yeah, Einstein can use long words too.

Traffic Generation

Traffic refers to the number of visitors your website receives. Generation refers to…let’s clasp our hands and pray you know what that means already.

Still don’t get it?


The strategy we advised for AWARENESS would improve TRAFFIC GENERATION too, but you’re here to learn, so let’s drop another informative bomb.


In other words, pay for some digital adverts (PAID TRAFFIC) and make your site easier to find on search engines (SEO).

EinsteinMarketer advises Facebook ads as the most cost effective and easiest place to start. Google Ads are pretty good too, depending what market you’re in.

We won’t drill down into the higgledy-piggledy world of SEO here, but if you use a FREE system like YOAST, it pretty much does the job for you.

EINSTEIN MOMENT-Tie your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation activities together for even greater Traffic Generation.

Lead Generation

A lead is a prospective customer who has shown interest by providing their contact details. Generation is… if you still don’t know, buy yourself a dictionary.

So, what activities will generate those leads?

EinsteinMarketer would use an intensified cocktail of Content Marketing, Paid traffic and Social Media Marketing.

We’d advise creating a blog or video that users will be very keen to view (CONTENT MARKETING), and we’d ask for their contact details in exchange.

Einstein would then direct more TRAFFIC to that CONTENT with Paid Ads and Social Media Marketing.

Pretty simple, right?

You might have to pay a digital marketing guru thousands for that kind of nugget explained in longer terms.

EINSTEIN MOMENTLead generating content is called a LEAD MAGNET. Click HERE to learn more about Lead Magnets and how to use them.


The final and most important aim of digital marketing.

Conversion means to take a visitor and CONVERT them into a customer.

So, you’ve got a sales team? Who cares? We don’t have to pay commission for online sales.

Save yourself the big pay-outs with a digital marketing plan that CONVERTS.

EINSTEIN MOMENTConvert customers at an infinitely higher rate with Squeeze pages. Click HERE to find out more.

EinsteinMarketer would create some content that is geared to convert (CONTENT MARKETING), drive traffic to it (PAID TRAFIC, SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING) and send it to our LEADS via the contact information they’ve given us (EMAIL MARKETING).

Want to learn more about Converting Content or Email marketing? Be brave, click on the appropriate link.

OK? Understood?

You see? Digital marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated as some would make you believe.

Feel that warm soup of confusion ebb away and exhale a gentle breath of understanding.

EinsteinMarketer doesn’t overload or confuse. We educate.

Just remember, before you drill down into strategies, decide what your business can gain from Digital Marketing and implement the CORRECT strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about the Basics of Digital Marketing, or talk to us about a business specific problem, send us a message HERE or read further posts from our BLOG.

Originally published at on January 10, 2018.

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