Facebook Audiences in a Nutshell

Josh Barney
5 min readJan 12, 2018


Here’s a joke…

What’s an actor without an audience?

Just a man on a stage.

OK, it wasn’t funny, but seriously, the same thing applies to your marketing campaign if you haven’t found an AUDIENCE to advertise to.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, or need to optimise your advertising for the 2 billion monthly active users, you’re in the right place.

Haven’t got a Facebook Business Manager Account yet? CLICK HERE for our 5 Step Guide and check back later.

In just a few moments, our Facebook audiences guide will not only explain the types of audiences you can create, it will also show you where to find them and how to get the most out of them.

But first, Einstein really wants to hammer something home:

Make the right offer to the right people.

That’s advertising. It’s the who, what, why and how.

If you haven’t got the right offer yet, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Sales Funnels, but for now, we’re going to stick to finding the RIGHT PEOPLE.

Facebook Audiences: Custom Audience

Navigation instructions: Assets> audience> Create audience (tab)> Custom audience

Have you got an EMAIL LIST? FACEBOOK GROUP? Or dropped the FACEBOOK PIXEL on your webpage?

If you have congratulations, you’ve already got a finely tuned audience, just waiting to see your latest promotions.

Simply follow Einstein’s navigation instructions, and select the appropriate choice in Facebook’s audience list options.

EINSTEIN MOMENTCustom Audiences are the most powerful way of TARGETING your email/customer list, page visitors and people who have interacted with your business on Facebook. These leads are already warm, so CLICK THROUGH RATES, and CONVERSIONS will be sky high with the correct promotion.

If the EinsteinMoment above hasn’t clarified the importance of Custom Audiences or simply adding a Facebook PIXEL to your website, let us reemphasise.


Without a PIXEL, every visitor that leaves your site is a wasted opportunity. You’re missing out on future business and unable to retarget these people at a later date.

Learn more about the Pixel, with Facebook’s very own guide.

Facebook Audiences: Interest Based Audience

Navigation Instructions: Ads Manager> Create campaign> Select campaign type (objective)>- ad set> audience interests

Even if you own a red-hot marketing list and created a Custom Audience, you’re going to need to broaden your net with this Facebook Audience type.

Interest Based Audiences can PROPEL your potential reach from zero to 1,000,000 in the click of a few buttons.

Once you’ve followed our simple navigation instructions, you’ll find a number of options to narrow your audience to a TARGET MARKET.

Choose locations, age, gender and language, before hitting the DETAILED TARGETING toolbar.

Search for audiences with interests as wide ranging as rival businesses to celebrities. If you’re short on ideas use the SUGGESTIONS tab, or simply BROWSE the huge selection of DETAILED TARGETING options.

EINSTEIN MOMENTEinstein Moment- Create a Customer Avatar to narrow the search to your perfect target customers. Don’t know how? Use our FREE Customer Avatar Template HERE.

Facebook Audience: Lookalike Audience

Navigation instructions: Assets> audience> Create audience (tab)> Lookalike Audience


Remember when you got your first mobile phone? When you sent your first email? When you used a SAT NAV for the very first time?

Lookalike Audiences are the digital marketers equivalent.

Imagine you’ve just had a really valuable customer ascend your value ladder and buy your CORE PRODUCT, and then they multiple. Imagine they lead you to a cloning machine of people with the exact same interests, desires and pain points.

Because that’s what Facebook’s LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES do.

Facebook knows so much about their users’, they are able to study your customers, find interests that match every single customer, and replicate them with a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE.

If you think you’re unique and special and like nobody else, you’re wrong. There are 2 Billion Monthly Active Users in Facebook.

And, if this audience couldn’t get any sweeter…

…Lookalike Audiences are the easiest to create.

If you’ve created a Custom Audience already, the hard work is done.

Simply follow our navigation instructions, select the Facebook Audience (source) you’d like to use for Lookalike and pick a location.

EINSTEIN MOMENTEinstein Moment- Go to Ads Manager> Ad Sets to see the metrics of all your Audiences. Create Lookalikes of the most effective.

Then comes the fun part. Use the sliding scale to decide how closely you’d like your Lookalike Audience to match your Source Audience. 1 being the closest match, to 10 being the least alike.

Want to make more than one Audience using the same Source? Click Show Advanced Options, and do it using the Audience Size sliding tab.

A Little More Advice

So, those are the 3 Facebook Audiences you’ll need to create to achieve advertising success.

If you’re serious about Facebook Advertising, use a blend of the three in every campaign. Analyse the metrics to see exactly what’s working and use it again in Custom, Interest Based and Lookalike audiences to optimise your ads.

And keep broadening your net! You never know when you’re going to hit a CONGREGATION SPOT of your target market.

Feel like we’ve missed something? Send us a MESSAGE, or visit our BLOG for more KILLER MARKETING TIPS.

Originally published at www.einsteinmarketer.com on January 12, 2018.



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