This is How Anybody Can Scale A Winning Facebook Ad Campaign

Josh Barney
10 min readAug 24, 2020
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I’ve shared a lot of tactics about setting up and optimising the performance of your Facebook ads.

From installing the pixel to building targeted audiences, creating awesome ad copy and explaining every single Facebook ad campaign objective in depth, we’ve been through a lot together.

But despite all this, I’ve never explained what you should do when everything goes your way.

If you’ve hit upon an ad formula that’s providing you with the results you’ve been aiming for, you’re going to want to scale it up.

In this guide I’m going to keep things as simple as possible (as usual), by sharing 2 ad scaling strategies that anybody can perform.

Before We Get Going…

A successful Facebook ad campaign is not necessarily measured in conversions, it’s measured in terms of your advertising aims.

For example, if you’re trying to build an audience and you’ve found a ‘page likes’ campaign that’s converting new page followers for a low price…

…or you’re trying to get more Instagram followers and you’re using a ‘Traffic’ campaign that’s producing cheap results…

…or you’re running a lead gen campaign with Facebook’s very own ‘Lead Generation’ tactic (instead of a regular landing page & ‘conversion’ objective) and you’re converting super-hot leads for a great price…

…or you’re using a retargeted ‘conversions’ campaign and it’s converting like nothing you’ve ever tried before…

…the following Facebook ad scaling tactics are the place to start building on your success.

: This article was written for people who are managing their own Facebook ad campaigns. Not outsourced agencies (like us) who are able to employ (and test) more technical scaling strategies.

The Dangers Of Scaling A Facebook Campaign

If you’re managing your own campaigns or are fairly new to Facebook ads (and are a self-confessed amateur) scaling



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