How to Find Keywords That Generate More Organic Traffic

Keyword vs Content Topic

The Two Main Things

  1. Have a direct relation to your website’s offering (the purpose of your website)
  2. Is regularly searched for by your target audience/market

Keyword Mistakes

  • Guesswork: effectively taking multiple stabs in the dark until something works
  • Creating content for the sake of it: everybody else is doing it, so it must work, right?
  • Following keyword research tools to the letter: using lists of keywords to create content centered around the highest search volume or lowest (depending on what you’ve been reading)

The Difference

Keywords Last

Understand the Audience

  • Pain point: concerned with the health implications of sitting down all day
  • Pain point: painful back/bad posture from sitting all day
  • Pain point: not healthy enough sitting down, want to burn more calories every day
  • Pain point: want to lose weight while at work

Content That Solves Problems

Keyword Research and Search Optimisation

  1. Fits the content topic that you’ve derived from your audience’s pain points
  2. Has a high search volume
  3. Is proven to work for Google advertisers (high CPC)




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Josh Barney

Josh Barney

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎