How to Write For The Internet (and Grow An Audience With Written Content!)

Josh Barney
9 min readAug 17, 2020

So your business needs a blog? And you think you’re the person to write it?

If you’ve written essays, studied English language or been through enough books to stock a library, you might think that you’re well equipped to create a (fairly decent) blog.

I’ve got news for you…it’s not as easy it sounds!

Writing for the internet is a completely different ball game to writing in general (particularly how it’s taught in school).

In the remainder of this blog, I’m going to share some of my most valuable tips for writing for the internet.

The Modern Blog Reader

I could talk about writing tips and tricks until I’m blue in the face, but if you don’t understand what the modern blog reader looks like, they’re not going to mean anything.

A lot of beginners tend to write for the internet like they’re expecting the reader to be sitting on their wingback chair in their drawing room, supping on a pipe, whilst wearing their favourite pair of slippers.

The reality is very different (and this is why a lot of blogs fail).

Most of your audience do not have much time or attention for blogs, articles and guides.

^This is a cold, hard truth that you must accept ASAP^

As a result of this, most visitors to your blog are not going to read the content you’ve created (unless you know how to write for them).

I can say this with assured confidence for a few reasons:

Mobile Is The Most Used Internet Browsing Device

As great as mobile is, these devices weren’t designed with blog reading in mind.

The text is small, dangerously easy to scroll over (with the flick of a thumb) and most importantly, people who browse the internet on their mobile have much less intent than a desktop user.



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