Omnipresence in Marketing: The Power of Being Everywhere


Never Ending


The Clearest Indication of Success

Advantages of Omnipresence in Marketing

  • First-to-mind: the greatest advantage of omnipresence is the first-to-mind factor. Put simply, this is the first brand that springs to mind when you think about an industry. For example, which sports brand comes first to your mind? I bet it’s probably Nike. Ok, let’s try again, this time with a more obscure niche, who is first-to-mind when you think about sunglasses? Ray-Bans? Thought so. Leave a comment below if you thought of something else. First to mind is effectively the top result in a psychological Google search. If you can achieve omnipresence, you’ll generate loads of direct visits.
  • Brand Recognition: when you’re everywhere, people recognize your brand and when that happens, they’re more tuned into your brand message. Increased brand recognition leads to more recommendations and helps your search for first-to-mind dominance.
  • Reduced Price Sensitivity: greater awareness and recognition increases brand trust. The more people trust your brand, the more they’re prepared to pay for the same product. Reduced price sensitivity offers the possibility to increase profitability.
  • Authority Positioning: when people start to immediately link your industry with your brand, it puts you in an authority position. In other words, they consider you to be an expert on the subject, and when you have that, you can carve an industry’s direction (in your favor).

How to Achieve Omnipresence in Marketing




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Josh Barney

Josh Barney

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎