Rapid Content: Build an Engaged Audience Before the Kettle’s Boiled

90% of company’s market with content…

…but this blog relates to 100% of you.

If you’re part of the whopping 9/10’s, you’ve found this post because you want to produce content quickly and easily.

Einstein will show you.

If you’re one of the 10% who don’t produce content, stay tuned, we’re going to make your entry into the content marketing world as easy as possible…

Rapid Content: The Importance

The more content you create, the quicker you’ll grow. FACT.

But, that doesn’t mean regurgitating the same old content, in the same old formats.

We must engage, incite and relate to our audience, on a consistent basis.

Let’s take a look at a few more numbers:

–70% of consumers feel closer to a company as a result of content

-Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing

-On average, companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month, than those without.

(Source: Importance of Content Marketing)

Cool numbers, right?

Rapid Content Creation

Before we get into the juicy stuff, Einstein needs to dispel a myth.

Content is not only written posts (like this one).

It’s video, audio and images too.

The most popular and engaging type of content is…


In fact, 1/3 of online activity is spent watching video.

Can you guess where we’re going with this?

Yep, you’re right, our rapid content creation strategy relates to VIDEO.

Rapid Content: The Simple Beauty of Video

You’ve got a smart phone, right?

Of course you have.

The great thing about rapid video content is, you DON’T NEED a cameraman or high-priced recording equipment.

A smart phone with an OK camera is good enough.

Short self-made videos work wonders.

They put a human face to your business/brand, making you more relatable, real and engaging to your audience.

They’re also a form of storytelling, which is KILLING IT in the content marketing sphere.

Rapid Content: Let’s Create

Ingredients of a rapid content video:

  1. You
  2. Smart phone

That’s it!

There’s no excuse.

If you’re committed to your business, and truly want to succeed, you’re going to need to strap on a pair of cojones and get in front of that camera.

Don’t give it the whole, ‘I’ve got no editing software’, ‘nobody wants to see me’ or ‘I can’t do it’ speech.

Because it’s all just avoidance.

Avoidance means fear.

And fear leads to failure.

BE POSITIVE. You can do it.

When those vibes are flowing, take hold of your smart phone, switch the camera to selfie, and hold a conversation with the thing.

Look into the lens and talk to your customer.

What about?

Try these ideas for size:

-Post-meeting takeaways- have you just had a business meeting? Who with? What was it about? What was the biggest takeaway?

-Opinion- is there something new in your industry? Have you just read a relatable blog? Is there a hot topic in your niche that’s splitting opinion?

-Revelation– have you had a lightbulb moment? Could your brainwave improve your product/service? Or help your customers reach their goals?

-Recap- what’ve you just done? How will it entertain/inform your customers? Is there value to what you’ve learnt?

-Journey- where are you going? Why? How do you feel?

-Target updates- have you or your customers set a target? What strategies have you used to reach them? How close are you to achieving it?

–Meeting customers- have you had some feedback from a customer? What are they achieving with your help?

-1-topic- can you chunk a large subject down into one small topic? What problems can you solve? What would interest your audience?


…hundreds more.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to one of our ideas. They’re just a great way to get started!

Rapid Content: Top Tips

Now, you’ve got the idea…

…here’s our top tips…

  1. Aim for 1–3 minutes length– too long and you’ll lose your audience, too short and you won’t provide enough value.
  2. Don’t edit- mistakes make us more real
  3. Do it on the go- (in the car, walking the dog, in an elevator) recording like this fits into our lives, relates to everyday activities and provides a recognisable environment.
  4. Link them (where possible)- create short videos that tell parts to a story. Open loops, and leave questions unanswered, this will leave your audience wanting more.

The Final Word

Rapid video content is an awesome way to keep your audience updated and provide interesting and ENGAGING posts.

Use them regularly (once a day if possible) on your social media profiles to boost your brand awareness and increase your traffic.

Have you got any more ideas about rapid content creation? Share your experiences with our audience.

Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our social media manager has managed to catch the right train to work.

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Originally published at www.einsteinmarketer.com on March 20, 2018.



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