Startup Marketing: Growth From The Ground Up

Josh Barney
14 min readSep 14, 2020
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If you’re involved in a startup, the founder of your own business or a solo-prenuer, you’ll understand how wide the choice of startup marketing strategies are…

…and to make things more confusing, most of these tools, channels and tactics label themselves as ‘ MARKETING MUST-HAVES ‘.

Throw this disorientating number of options in with a small startup marketing budget (that every business must scale when they’re starting out), and it’s likely that most of you are in a tough spot.

That’s why I’ve created this startup marketing guide. These directions will work as a framework for any small business, no matter their niche or industry.

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of startup marketing, and how to grow your audience and customers, I’d like to make something completely clear:

Successful marketing requires time or money, preferably both.

Many startups have small budgets and that’s fine, within this guide you’ll learn where you can make savings and I’ll point you to other articles (that’ll help you save those all-important pennies).

Just remember, wherever you cut back on marketing spend, you’ll need to invest more time.

In other words, the smaller your startup budget, the harder you’ll have to work.

When you’ve tested these fundamental startup marketing strategies, you can optimise your marketing budget by spending on the strategies that are successful, and cutting back on those that fail, because…

…the more money you put into a marketing machine that works, the more you get out!

StartUp Marketing Step 1: Market Research

Before you do absolutely anything, you must understand your target market and audience. This means research!

Many of you will think that your market research phase was finished with product development, but it’s crucial you understand your audience’s preferences in order to properly market your business.



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