The Google Page Experience Update Explained: How to Rank in 2021

Josh Barney
9 min readSep 21, 2020
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Earlier this year (May 28th) Google announced that they’ll be rolling out a major addition to their search algorithm ranking signals.

The update, known as the ‘page experience update’ will come into effect for Google in 2021 — and it could have a big impact on the search results of all websites.

If your strategy is built around SEO, you’re heavily dependent on search traffic or you’re aiming to up your organic traffic in the coming years — stick around, this article will explain everything about this Google update in layman’s terms.

Leave your long word expectations at the door, this post is NOT just for the technical savvy — it’s for every website owner who wants more search traffic.

An Unusual Warning

I very rarely write about Google updates — this is because they actually update their algorithm 10’s if not 100’s of time every single year.

They almost always do this — like 99.99999% of the time — without warning.

These updates are tiny, subtle improvements to their algorithm — that all have the same aim — to improve their user’s experience.

Sometimes they inform website owners after the update (via the Google Developers blog), but in most cases, they say nothing.

So, why have they informed us about a change that will take place in 2021, in May of 2020?

My best guess — this is a very important update that could majorly shake things up (especially for those who are not prepared).

My second-best guess — Google are trying to be nicer to the websites who provide them with content.

Google Page Experience Update

We’ll shortly look at what this page experience update is all about in more detail, but before that, let’s look at the update in Google’s own



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