The Top 5 Reasons Every Business Needs a CHATBOT

Remember those 70’s sci-fi movies where all the characters are driving floating cars?

Or talking to holograms?

Sadly, they haven’t all come true…yet.


…the age-old theory of robots taking over the world is becoming more real by the day.

The latest AI: CHATBOTS.

If you haven’t heard of this MUST-HAVE CRAZE, don’t sweat it, Einstein will bring you up to speed with one of our famous definitions:

‘A chatbot is an automated computer programme that holds a conversation with a person via written communications, with the aim of helping that person achieve a desired result.’

In other words, your mate Dave wants to find out more about Einstein Marketer, he sends us a message on Facebook, our chatbot answers immediately and tells him more about Einstein Marketer.

Simple, right?


If you haven’t encountered a chatbot before and would like to see one in action…

…check out ALBERT, Einstein Marketer’s messenger ChatBot.

He wasn’t just built to reply to messages when we’re not around, but also to entertain and engage interested visitors.

Talk to ALBERT when you’re done with this post. He might just open your eyes to a whole host of new ideas.

We’ve got a blog coming really soon about how we built him, and how you can create the newest member of your team too…

…but first, here are the top 5 Reasons EVERY BUSINESS needs a ChatBot.

#1: 24/7 Communication

ChatBots never leave the office…

…so, when you’re enjoying your hard-earned rest, your chatbot is still talking to customers, fielding questions and driving visitors closer to sales.

They’re robots!

Chatbots don’t get tired, hungry or lonely, no matter what time it is.

#2: Cost Effective

Instead of expanding your team with more customer service staff…

…save yourself tens of 1000’s with a Chatbot.

The infrastructure that your bot needs to work is already there, and it’s FREE thanks to messenger services like Facebook.

And, once your bot is built, all the hard work is done!

All you need to do is be ready at the other end, to collect leads, sales, and inquiries.

#3: Immediate

That’s right, CHATBOT’s should spell the end of that ANNOYING MUSIC you hear when you’re on HOLD.


They immediately reply to questions and offer all sorts of IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS to your visitors’ queries.

What does that mean?

Customer satisfaction…

…and in turn, repeat custom!

EINSTEIN MOMENTProgram your chatbot to speak in 2–5 second delays. This makes their responses feel more human.

#4: Scale

An expensive customer service agent, who works just 7–9 hours a day and isn’t always available for immediate reply…

…can only speak to one person at a time!

But a chatbot like ALBERT can speak to an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PEOPLE, ALL THE TIME!

One chatbot will make your entire customer service department SCALABLE to ANY LEVEL.

This means your company can grow, without expenditure rising

#5: Chat is the New Phone

The world is changing…

…and we’re now having to market to an increasing number of millennial buyers.

This huge market of potential customers PREFER communicating with your company via messenger chat.

It’s viewed as quicker, easier and all answers can be referred back to with a simple scroll through the conversation.

CHAT is the new essential customer service line.

CHATBOT’s Aren’t the Future, They’re the Present

…like we mentioned earlier, Einstein will be publishing a guide for the essential steps you need to take to build an effective CHATBOT very soon.

In the meantime, speak to ALBERT, and witness the possible applications yourself.

Say hello from us.

Did you enjoy this blog? Have you already built a CHATBOT? Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our social media manager has got over the beers he drank at lunch time.

Originally published at on April 27, 2018.

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎