The Value Ladder: Transform Your Business Overnight

We have some friends…

And yeah, the majority are clients we’ve made a pile of money for.

But not all.

There’s a guy a few of our staff know. He’s a personal trainer and a damn good one at that.

And between sipping their protein shakes, pumping iron and building money spinning sales funnels, they heard their personal trainer friend was suffering hard times.

Now, what kind of friend would EinsteinMarketer be, without offering a little assistance?

You see, it PAYS to have friends like us.

We brought him into the office and asked what services he offers.

“Well…. ermmmm… I take classes and do one on one training programs.”

Our eyebrows raised, “…and?”

“That’s it. I’m a personal trainer. What else am I supposed to do?”

“You’ve got no value ladder?”

EINSTEIN MOMENTA value ladder is a range of products that ascend in price, from your lowest value, to your premium flagship product.

We scratched our chins, he went back to work and we were left with that big open question, “What else is he supposed to do?”

So, where did we start? Nowhere beyond the ability of any ten-year-old. We searched Google for personal training services.

The top results revealed that most personal trainers also offer nutritional diet programs, and some even make their own fitness videos.


You see, just because a business specialises in one specific market, it doesn’t mean that market is satisfied with one specific product.

Fitness isn’t just working out at the gym, after all.

We brought our friend back into the office, thrust a camera into his chest and raised an index to the door, “Go make a fitness video. The finest fitness video the world has ever seen!”

Can you see where we’re going with this yet? If you’re one of those lucky people who’ve read our Conversion Funnels Guide, you’ll already understand.

He returned a few days later with a content rich video. We called our pals, turned it into a DVD and Bob’s your uncle, we’d created the very first step on his value ladder.

“I can’t wait to sell it!” He said, “I might be able to take a few days off with the money I make from that.”

We wagged our fingers, “You’re going to give it away, but not until your ladder is complete.”

His jaw dropped.

“Free + shipping.”

With his mouth still catching flies, we shoved the camera back into his arms, followed by a pen and notepad, “Now, make more videos! Many more videos! And draw up a diet plan! Don’t return until you have!”

EINSTEIN MOMENTBuild your value ladder in reverse, from your flagship product down to your front end. Visualise the steps your customer will have to take to ascend to the top.

With him out of our hair, we started on his digital marketing plan.

Forget the pumping iron, this is where we really excel.

The two main components of any successful online business, are its value ladder and sales funnel. One cannot work without the other.

We won’t go into the sales funnel here, because we’ll be here all day. But check out our guide HERE.

The aim of a value ladder is to move a customer up, maximising their value and making each step easier to take.

For example, one customer may only have £50 available to spend, while another may have £5000. Does that mean we should only offer products at £50 to appease everyone?

No. We should offer products at an ascending range of prices. Maximising every customers value.

Sure enough, our personal trainer friend came back into the office with his videos and diet plan.

If you’ve understood our methods, you might be visualising his ladder and funnel already.

The Value Ladder

Let’s map the steps out for you, just in case:

1- Fitness video, offered at FREE + Shipping

2- Diet plan to compliment fitness videos, offered at £24.99

3- Enrolment in an online monthly class, £17 per month

4- Full year of online monthly classes, £147, (saving customers £57)

5- 1 week fitness retreat, offered at £997

EINSTEIN MOMENTIf you’re stuck for ideas on your value ladder, take a look at your top competitors. They won’t have made their businesses a success without one. It’s just a matter of finding it.

Now, you’ve seen his value ladder, do you understand how a customer might easily ascend to the top?

If he pitched the premium product immediately, most would never accept. But by moving customers gently upwards and offering more products at staggered prices, he is able to build trust, showcase his value and maximise customer value.

He’s so busy, he rarely takes one on one lessons anymore. But he still finds time for our staff.

That’s what friends are for, right?

Originally published at on January 4, 2018.

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎

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Josh Barney

Josh Barney

Founder of We Imagine Media, creator and marketer. 😎

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